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The fastest and most reliable solution for delivering quality news content to all media platforms

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TV Technology - Best of Show 2017SAM VIBE delivers total coverage from a single production team.

SAM VIBE is the fastest and most reliable solution for delivering quality news content to all media platforms. Social Media is the most used and abused medium for sharing information. A successful news brand must match the speed of the crowd and deliver with authority and depth. VIBE is a solution which brings high production values and editorial intelligence; creating stories which will be instantly shared and widely respected. VIBE is a scalable, dependable platform harnessing the speed of the web to the power and reliability of professional production technology. Total coverage from a single production team.

Designed to give the most flexible workflow possible, SAM VIBE allows you to scale the solution to fit with your own particular needs, but the basic steps are all the same:

  • Acquire
  • Discover
  • Produce
  • Publish

SAM VIBE social and truck

The SAM VIBE Solution includes:


Shot selection and editing with a browser

SAM VIBE delivers the same freedom to producers as to consumers. SAM’s Go! is a fully mobile news editor built in a browser. There’s nothing to install in advance and you always get the latest version. All you need is a 3G mobile connection or better and you’re up and running.

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Editing with Rio

Rio delivers editing for everyone. From a simple viewer and shot selector, to a breaking news editor, to a fully-featured effects system. Rio has all the tools for speed and efficiency for any production. 

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With the workflow designer the possibilities are endless. Sharing media with all of the project effects and metadata is simple. You can even add workflows to make automated edits as part of your delivery.

sQ Server and IT StoragesQ Server and IT Storage

SAM VIBE is a real-time production system. A fully-scalable hybrid platform based on a blend of standard IT storage and SAM’s renowned sQ servers. With a unified orchestration layer for the fastest delivery of content to Social Media, the web and TV. 

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